How to Get the Most Out of a Solar Panel Installation in Perth

Solar panel installation in Perth allows you to get a high return on investment.  You will need less electricity from the power grid or be completely independent of the power grid by opting for an off-grid system. But in any of these cases, you can do certain things to the most out of this valuable resource.


Future of Solar Energy in Perth

Solar energy and other renewable energy sources have been showing consistent growth over the years. Most of the people were sure that these energies will become the major energy source. Once the installation costs are covered, solar power systems are the most budget-friendly energy systems.

All the solar incentives provided by the government and savings in electricity bills are attracting more customers towards these clean energy systems. At this current rate, Australia will be using 50% renewable energy by 2025. And Perth will show an equivalent growth in renewable energy usage.

Ways to Optimize the Solar Energy Usage

Residential solar is the best way to power your house. Because these energy sources can supply the houses with free electricity during the day. But still, there are ways to optimize the use of solar energy and get the most out of solar system installation. Those ways are going to be described in this article.

Monitor the Use of Energy

Monitor the electronic equipment in your house and find out which uses the most energy. Use the appliances that have high electricity consumption during the daytime rather than night. Because during the daytime you will have plenty of solar energy available.

Schedule the usage of home appliances in a way to manage the electricity consumption efficiently. Monitoring the usage also lets you set up suitable energy systems for your requirement. The 6.6 kW solar system in Perth is currently the best value for money systems that provides enough energy for a house.

Spread Out Use of Devices

Solar panels can generate a reasonable amount of energy to power a whole house.  But you need to control your energy usage to avoid any issues like electricity running out. So try not to use every appliance in the house all at the same time. Try to spread out the usage of different appliances one at a time. If the electricity availability is low then you should manage the usage to save energy. Prioritize the appliances based on the daily usage and use the most important ones at first.

Energy Efficient Devices

Some devices use more power than we expect. For example, a Plasma TV will use more energy than a normal TV. When people started to realize this fact, they switched to LCD TVs which use much lesser power. Other devices like refrigerators also have energy ratings, in the form of star ratings. A better star rating meaning a more efficient device. These energy savings can a lot of money.

Also, if you have a basic idea about how much power will be consumed by the appliances, then plan accordingly to use the most important and high-power-consuming appliances at first and then others. With the help of the best solar company in Perth, you can get enough electricity to power the whole appliances.

Use the Panels When the Sun Shines

Everyone knows solar panels generate energy during day time. So if you are planning to maximize solar energy usage, generate as much electricity while the shines. Also, keep in mind the electricity usage of each house may differ and use efficient methods to maximize your electricity usage. Some of the methods include:

  • Charging electronic gadgets like smartphones, laptops, etc., during day time and unplugging at night.
  • Set timers on home appliances to use the most energy quickly to switch off before sunset.

You can still use the energy generated by solar panels at night by storing it on a solar battery.

Keep the Solar Panels Clean

You don’t have to clean the solar panels every week. But once in a while, you should clean the solar panels to get the maximum performance from them. The cleaning should be done at least once in 6-12 months. The things like dirt, leaves, bird droppings, etc., may reduce the sunlight reaching the panels and this will affect the energy generation.

You should also check any trees or bushes are covering the solar panels and reducing sunlight availability. Hiring a solar company in Perth with solar system maintenance services is a good option for you to save your time from cleaning solar panels. They can complete the cleaning efficiently and ensure the panels are running perfectly without any issues. They will inspect the solar power system and give tips to you to maintain the peak performance.

Final Thoughts

The future of solar energy in Perth looks bright. The number of clean energy power systems is increasing day-by-day. Using renewable energy systems is the best way to reduce utility costs. You can increase their productivity by following the tips mentioned here. Cleaning the panels is important for letting more sunlight reach the panels. Using energy-efficient devices and spreading out their usage also helps manage the energy consumption efficiently. Most importantly use the appliance you want and reduce wastage of electricity.


Is It Worth Investing in Solar Energy?

Clean solar energy is a stable investment that will let you receive a high return on investment. It offers benefits like protection from increased electricity bills. Most importantly using clean energy has environmental benefits.

What Is the Future of Solar Energy in Australia?

Solar panel installation in Australia has shown an increase in recent years. This also increased the excess power delivered to the Australian national grid. The Government encourages solar energy usage by providing solar rebates. Installing solar energy systems will let you benefit from the financial incentives introduced by the Australian government in the foreseeable future.

What Time of Day Are Solar Panels Most Efficient?

North facing solar panels tend to generate more power between 10 am and 2 pm on a sunny day. For the west-facing solar panels, the afternoon is the time when they generate maximum electricity. Morning time is best for the east-facing solar panels. So use solar energy according to this time frame to get the most out of your system.

Do Solar Panels Work During Rain?

Solar panels are most effective in direct sunlight. But still, they can use both direct and indirect sunlight to generate energy. On cloudy days the sunlight availability will increase and that may affect energy production. Also, heavy rain can block sunlight and this too stops the panels from working at their maximum performance.

Other than these reasons rain does not affect solar power systems. The water won’t damage the solar panels. Also, the rain will wash off the dirt, dust, and leaves that accumulate on the panel in the long run.

Do Solar Panels Work During Rain?

Similar to rain the clouds and snow accumulates on panels may block sunlight and reduce solar power generation. But the cold temperatures are good for the solar panels and they work more efficiently compared to hotter temperatures, just like any electronic device.

Is the Use of Solar Energy Increasing?

The combined capacity of solar energy systems installed has increased by more than 8 times in the past 4 years. The numbers are pointing towards tremendous growth in solar energy consumption. This means the numbers will only get higher in the future.

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