10.5 kW Solar System In Perth

Solar Package Perth


  • 24 X 440W N type panels
  • 1 X 8KW premium inverter
  • Top Tier 1 solar panels
  • Latest technology mono crystalline N type panels
  • High efficiency module
  • 25/30 years performance warranty
  • 10 years warranty on the inverter
  • Free online monitoring
  • Fully installed by CEC accredited electricians
  • Free onsite assessment
  • Finance options available
  • Local Australian support

Frequently AskedQuestions

Is 10.5 kW solar system in Perth enough to run a house?

A 10.5 kW solar panel system is typically sufficient to power a house, with potential surplus energy for battery charging and creating an energy reserve. This reserve can be utilized during nighttime or periods of low solar output. Thus, it can effectively meet your property’s energy needs, ensuring continuous power supply.

How much does a 10.5 kW solar system in Perth cost?

A 10.5 kW solar system in Perth might cost different amounts depending on the brand, component quality, installation requirements, and other features like battery storage. Incentives and the state of the market may also have an impact on prices. For precise price, it’s best to get quotes from reliable suppliers.

How long does it take to install a 10.5 kW solar system in Perth?

A 10.5 kW solar system’s installation time in Perth may vary depending on a number of factors, including the installation’s complexity, the local climate, and the availability of space for the installation. Installations are usually finished quickly, but the precise time may differ. It is advised to go over deadlines with the installer of choice.

How much space does a 10.5 kW solar system in Perth need?

In general, a 10.5 kW solar system needs more roof area than smaller systems. The precise area required can change based on things like the efficiency, configuration, and size of the panels. It’s crucial to speak with solar specialists that can evaluate your roof and give precise installation space needs.