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SMA EV Charger

The Premium Quality SMA EV Charger in Perth

SMA EV charger in Perth is a smart and efficient solution for electric vehicle charging. It allows you to charge your EV with solar power from your own photovoltaic system, reducing your dependence on the grid and saving money on electricity bills. SMA EV charger also offers flexible charging modes, such as eco, fast, and scheduled, to suit your needs and preferences.

You can monitor and control your charging process via the SMA Energy app, which gives you real-time data and statistics on your energy consumption and production. SMA EV charger is compatible with all common EV types and charging standards, and can be easily integrated into your existing SMA system. With an SMA EV charger, you can enjoy the benefits of sustainable mobility and make the most of your solar energy.

Features of SMA EV Charger in Perth

The major features offered by SMA EV Charger in Perth, WA:
sma ev charger in perth

Solar-Optimized Charging

The SMA EV Charger can automatically adjust the charging power according to the available solar energy, maximizing the use of your own clean and free electricity. You can also set a minimum charging power to ensure a fast and reliable charging process, regardless of the weather conditions.

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