19.8 kW Solar System In Perth

Solar Package Perth


  • 45 X 440W N type panels
  • 15KW premium inverter
  • Top Tier 1 solar panels
  • Latest technology mono crystalline N type panels
  • High efficiency module
  • 25/30 years performance warranty
  • 10 years warranty on the inverter
  • Free online monitoring
  • Fully installed by CEC accredited electricians
  • Free onsite assessment
  • Finance options available
  • Local Australian support

Frequently AskedQuestions

How much power can a 19.8 kW solar system in Perth produce?

On average, a 19.8 kW solar system can generate approximately 75 kWh of power each day. This system typically consists of around 55 to 60 solar panels, with panel wattages determining the exact quantity needed. Complementing the panels, a 15 kW or 20 kW inverter is commonly used to optimize energy conversion.

How much does a 19.8 kW solar system in Perth cost?

A 19.8 kW solar system in Perth might cost differently depending on the brand, components quality, installation needs, and extras like battery storage. Available incentives and the state of the market may also affect prices. For precise costs, get quotations from reliable suppliers.

How long does it take to install a 19.8 kW solar system in Perth?

A 19.8 kW solar system installation in Perth can take a long time depending on the weather, schedule availability, and intricacy of the installation. The precise time can vary even though installations are usually finished quickly. Speaking with the selected installation company about schedules is advised.

How much space does a 19.8 kW solar system in Perth need?

Comparatively speaking to lesser systems, a 19.8 kW solar system usually needs a large roof area. Size, efficiency, and placement of the panels can all affect how much space is required precisely. Speak with solar specialists who can evaluate your roof and give precise installation space needs.