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The Fritts Solar team is committed to providing environmental-friendly off-grid solar systems in Perth that generates electricity using solar power. In the near future, the world will increasingly rely on renewable energy sources as their primary choice. Fritts Solar longing for a world with smarter and more efficient energy management.

We are the top off-grid solar company in Perth, WA. An off-grid power system in Perth is not depending on the commercial electric power distribution system. Such systems are also known as stand-alone power systems, which will generate the electricity required to power your home or business.

Off-grid solar systems running with the help of battery storage. The battery storage will store the electricity generated by the solar panels. The battery capacity needed for your home depends on the daily electricity usage. Being an expert off-grid solar solutions provider in Perth, we can easily assess your electricity requirement and set up the system accordingly.

Benefits of Installing Off-grid Solar Systems in Perth

Major benefits of using off-grid solar systems in Perth, WA.
Avoiding Power Outages

Power outages can occur without any warning. Therefore, homes depending on the power grid can experience power outages at any time. Having an off-grid power system in Perth which has no ties with the grid lets you use electricity without power outages.

Reduce Electricity Cost

Apart from the initial installation cost and occasional maintenance cost, solar systems do not have any additional expenses. Switching to solar energy let you reduce electricity cost significantly. In the long run, the system lets you save a lot of money.

Easier Installation

Since the components associated with off-grid solar systems are not connected to the power grid, the installation process is much more straightforward. This means you don’t have to rely on complex infrastructure to function.

Suitable for Rural Areas

One of the major issues faced by many who are living in rural and remote areas is the availability of electricity. Because they have fewer and less advanced infrastructure than urban areas. Our off-grid solar company in Perth will let them utilize solar energy to power their homes.

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Frequently AskedQuestions

What is in an off-grid solar system in Perth?

Electricity can be produced by solar panels and stored in batteries without having a direct connection to the power grid with the help of an off-grid solar system in Perth, WA. The off-grid power system will provide an independent power supply to your home or business. Basically, an off-grid solar system is a cutting-edge innovation that gives you independent energy by harnessing sunlight. The system will have the following components

  • Solar panels
  • Charge controllers
  • Battery banks
  • Inverters

How much does it cost to set up an off-grid power system in Perth?

You may want an off-grid solar system with a large solar battery to go completely off the grid. Even with government rebates and incentives taken into account, the total cost of living completely off the grid will be at least $25,000. Each day, the typical Australian household uses around 12 to 16kWh of electricity. A 1kW solar power system will typically produce 4kWh of electricity under ideal conditions. Therefore, to meet your daily energy usage you would require a 3kW – 4kW off-grid solar system. It is recommended to get a larger 5kW system to be on the safe side. A 5kW solar system will currently cost between $4,500 and $8,000, but clients who qualify for a government rebate may be able to get the price lower.

What are the benefits of installing an off-grid solar system in Perth?

Power outages can occur unexpectedly. A power outage means living without electricity which can be an inconvenience in the short-term and extremely stressful for longer hours. Off-grid solar energy systems are reliable for power outages because they are completely independent of the grid and store excess energy for later use.

Reduced electricity costs

The main source of energy in the world is still fossil fuels. Petroleum, coal, natural gas, and oil are a few of these. As these non-renewable energy sources deplete, their prices increase along with the cost of electricity production using it which in turn increases consumers’ electric bills. Since the off-grid power system in Perth relies on solar energy, you won’t be affected by increasing electricity prices.

Easier Installation

Since the off-grid solar systems are independent of the grid the installation process is comparatively simple than grid-tied systems.

Easy Alternative for Rural Areas

Electricity is one of the biggest difficulties for residents of rural and remote areas as these areas are prone to frequent blackouts. Due to the lack of infrastructure in rural and remote areas, connecting to the main electrical grid can be difficult and expensive, but off-grid solar energy systems can significantly reduce these costs.

How many solar panels do I need to go off-grid?

The following factors alone determine the number of solar panels required to go off the grid:

  • Amount of electricity you use
  • Amount of useable roof space
  • Amount of direct daily sunlight
  • The type of solar panel you choose

If your electricity requirements were almost 7 Kw and you were to use 200-watt solar panels, then you would need 35 solar panels to set up an off-grid solar system in Perth for your home. If you choose to install 350-watt solar panels, you would need 20 panels.