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Best Solar Installers in Perth

Fritts Solar, a leading family-owned solar company in Perth offering high-end solar solutions. As a responsible company, we are providing solar installation services that can reduce environmental impacts as well as your utility costs.

Our founder has a master’s degree in renewable energy sources and experience in the solar energy industry for more than a decade. With all those years of experience and knowledge in the renewable energy field, we took part in many solar projects and has the largest portfolio of solar panel installation in Perth.

Our Services

residential solar in perth

Residential Solar

Fritts Solar offers comprehensive home solar systems that suit your requirement. We install solar panels on your rooftop and you can save money from electricity bills.

commercial solar in Perth

Commercial Solar

Choosing our commercial solar solutions to your building lets you have less amount on utility bills. These savings can reflect on your organization’s profit.

battery system in Perth

Home Battery System

You can use clean solar energy during power outage through our home battery system. Our battery storage systems are a perfect solution to your electricity needs.

solar installers perth

Why choose us

  • We are established in the solar industry for more than a decade.
  • A family-owned solar company in Perth.
  • Premium quality products.
  • Using products from trusted brands to ensure maximum return on investment (ROI) and durability.


to deliver industry – leading products, every time, at the lowest possible cost
to implement best in class Customer Support
to help Australians to utilize renewable Energy Source.
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What Do We Offer?

Top Solar Company In Perth

We are currently the best solar company in Perth. We are mainly offering commercial and residential solar solutions including solar panel installation, operation, and maintenance services.

As part of our commercial solar services, we offer innovative solar installations in Perth to a wide range of clients. Our client base includes businesses, educational institutions, industrial institutions, etc.

We encourage households to come forward to make use of this clean energy. It can let them reduce energy costs and increase their property price. The components we use are from manufacturers certified for strict quality-control tests.

Our off-grid solar systems are best in class quality. This can be a reliable energy solution for places where power grids are difficult to reach like rural or remote areas. We couple the best battery storage with the solar panels to store the energy for your daily usage.

With the help of our skilled solar installers in Perth, we offer maintenance services for solar energy systems. We repair, maintain, and upgrade the systems to ensure maximum efficiency.

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