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Highly Recommend

All the solar installers on your team were great to work with. I would highly recommend Fritts Solar for its professionalism.

Dennis Perth, WA

Excellent Attention & Service

We had been considering solar power for a while. After hearing Frittssolar’s representative describe their system to us, we realized this was precisely what we had been looking for. Appreciate the excellent attention and service they provide their customers.

Eric Perth, WA

Great Service

It was a great experience working with Frittssolar! Every stage from the information session to the final inspection was flawlessly and professionally executed.

Steven Perth, WA

Extremely Professional

From beginning to end, they were outstanding and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone. They had excellent workmanship and were extremely professional. They finished the job before the due date.

Maria Perth, WA

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Frequently AskedQuestions

Where to find reliable solar reviews in Perth?

For reliable solar reviews in Perth, consider exploring platforms like SolarQuotes, as well as conducting searches on Google and social media. These platforms offer valuable insights into the experiences of homeowners with solar installations in Perth. Additionally, local community forums may provide firsthand accounts and recommendations from Perth residents who have opted for solar energy.

Are you selling panels with top ratings in solar panels reviews in Perth?

Yes, we prioritize offering solar panels with top ratings in Perth and beyond. Our commitment to quality extends to sourcing products from reputable manufacturers known for their reliability, efficiency, and durability. We understand the importance of providing customers with high-performance solar panels that deliver optimal energy production and long-term savings.

Are you one of the top reviewed solar companies in Perth?

We strive to maintain a strong reputation as one of the top-reviewed solar companies in Perth. Our dedication to customer satisfaction, transparent communication, and exceptional service has earned us positive feedback from countless homeowners in the Perth area. We continuously seek to exceed expectations and deliver superior solar solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers.