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Solar Panel Maintenance

Affordable Solar Panel Maintenance in Perth

Fritts Solar is a well-known solar installer in Perth offering comprehensive solar solutions. We understand that solar panel maintenance in Perth is as important as solar installation. A properly maintained system can generate electricity more effectively. That is why we offer the best solar panel maintenance in Perth.

We significantly reduce your energy costs by using solar energy. Renewable energy is an environmentally friendly solution to powering your house, business, etc. More people are attracted to this because of the high return on investment offered by solar power.

To retain their maximum efficiency and the financial benefit of using solar energy, the panels need occasional inspection and maintenance. Over time, solar panels might sustain physical damage or things like dirt, leaves, snow, etc., might prevent the panels from receiving adequate sunlight. So our company with years of experience in solar maintenance services in Perth can help you.

Benefits of Solar Panel Maintenance in Perth

The reasons why our clients utilize solar system maintenance in Perth.
Improve Efficiency

Regular cleaning can make a huge difference in efficiency. The overall efficiency of the panels will increase if you clean them. So solar panel maintenance in Perth is the best way to ensure that your panels are prepared for maximum efficiency.


Numerous solar panel manufacturers have made regular cleaning a warranty condition. Therefore, if you want to be on the safe side in case a malfunction occurs at some time, then solar maintenance in Perth is recommended.

Increase Durability

The surroundings are filled with many soft sand grains, dust particles, and debris. If you don’t frequently clean your solar panels, they will eventually accumulate and cause wear and tear. Over time, the dust and debris can reduce the efficiency of the system.

Improve ROI

The cost of installing solar panels in your house can be a little high. So you want to be sure that you get a return on your investment as quickly as possible. Solar maintenance services in Perth will extend your ROI time.

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Frequently AskedQuestions

Do solar panels require regular solar panel maintenance in Perth?

Solar panels typically do not require extensive solar system maintenance in Perth when installed correctly and can provide power for 25 to 30 years. We recommend a solar maintenance inspection every 12 to 18 months to ensure everything is running smoothly.

A maintenance inspection by our skilled technician typically involves cleaning the panels, checking for any obstructions, testing all connections and switches, and generally ensuring optimal performance of the solar system.

What is the importance of doing solar panel maintenance in Perth?

Solar panels are strong long-term investments with limited maintenance costs. The initial cost of installation can be a little expensive for some homeowners, but solar panels require little maintenance throughout their rated lifetime and the monthly energy savings pay back the installation costs relatively quickly.

Improve efficiency

You may generate electricity for a low cost by using solar panels. A 3kW system can reduce electricity costs by about 65 percent. However, if your solar panels are not cleaned often, the effectiveness of your system might be drastically reduced by as much as 20%. The build-up of dirt makes it difficult for your panels to absorb sunlight properly which results in a less efficient operation of the system.

Clear dirt & debris

The biggest problem for homeowners with solar panel installations will be keeping the panels free of dirt and debris, especially for systems with flat-lying panels as opposed to those oriented at an angle. It is important to not let some dust reduce the efficiency of the system by covering the panels. In most cases, simply spraying the solar panels with a hose will be sufficient, but you could also use a sponge on a pole to squeegee the panels and remove any stickier items, like bird droppings. But for more effective results, you can utilize our professional solar system maintenance in Perth, WA.

Ensure access to sunlight

It is important to ensure clear access to sunlight, similar to keeping the panels clear. Solar access could be blocked by overgrown vegetation or new structures. So we need to ensure the panels are not obstructed by any buildings or trees. Our solar maintenance team can take care of the plants and trees that block sunlight.

Weather buffer

Homeowners who live in harsh climates, particularly those that experience heavy snowfall, strong winds, or frequent hail, may want to consider erecting a buffer to protect their solar panels from the worst of the climate if space and the angle of the panels permit. Reducing the direct impact on the panels will help to extend their lifetime and improve efficiency. However, there are other, rarer, things to look out for as well. Ideally, there will be nothing that can fall on your solar panels, but there could be instances when they are damaged by hail or falling sticks. This could break the glass on top of the panels. If there is broken glass the solar panel could be compromised and we will help you replace the panels.

What are your suggestions for solar maintenance in Perth, WA?

Since solar panels are very reliable and durable, they require very low maintenance and they can last for years. But proper care and precautions will make them last longer. Document the day-to-day performance of the installed PV system to improve solar panel maintenance in Perth. A well-defined monitoring system will help in observing the benefits provided by writing how much energy has been produced at a consistent time every day and making special notes of dates when it is very cloudy. A well-defined Monitoring system can help you know how much you could benefit from the feed-in tariff scheme.

Automatic cleaners can be used for cleaning the panels. It is also vital to avoid abrasive cleaners to avoid scratches and unwanted damage. Cleaning clean rainwater patches and periodic site inspections are important for keeping the system in the best condition. Our solar maintenance services in Perth help you more professionally maintain and repair the solar power system.

Why should I consider professional solar repairs in Perth?

Opting for a professional solar repair in Perth ensures expert attention tailored to local conditions. Our team specializes in diagnosing and rectifying issues specific to Perth’s environment, ensuring reliable and efficient energy production for years to come.

How often should I schedule solar panel cleaning in Perth?

Regular solar panel cleaning in Perth is essential for optimal energy production and system longevity. Dust and debris accumulation can diminish efficiency over time. Professional cleaning ensures maximum sunlight absorption and energy output, promoting sustained performance.