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Generally, a solar power system requires many components like solar panels, solar inverter, mounting hardware, a performance monitoring system to track electricity generation, etc. The solar panels use sunlight to generate electricity. The solar inverter transforms the generated power into a usable form by the inverter that can be used by the appliances in your home. However, you can store electricity if you have a battery.

In comparison to regular use, a solar system produces more electricity in the middle of the day. The solar system will charge the solar battery storage when this extra power is produced and this charge can be used during peak use periods, after sundown, or during power outages.

Features of Solar Storage

The major features offered by our top solar battery in Perth, WA.
solar battery storage in perth

Energy Security

Solar battery systems allow your home to have a more reliable power source. Even if the power grid goes down, home battery storage in Perth can power important appliances of your home for hours. This is especially helpful if you live in a region where the grid is periodically unstable or you just want to provide a better level of certainty for your home’s power. So, with the help of a solar battery, you can meet the electricity needs of your home at any time.

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Frequently AskedQuestions

How much energy can be stored in a solar battery in Perth?

Different manufacturers produce batteries that can hold varying amounts of power, measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). Some of the solar batteries in Perth are available in capacities that range from 5 kWh to 20 kWh in a single battery. Most solar batteries can be linked together or installed in an interconnected design to offer a larger combined storage capacity if your needs are higher than what a single battery can provide.

How long does a home solar battery in Perth last?

What the battery life is expected to be, and how long your solar batteries last will be determined by the features of the battery you choose. For example, how quickly the capacity rating of the battery decreases determines how long it can be used before needing a replacement. The average lifespan of a home solar battery is 5-15 years before it needs to be replaced. Typically for solar batteries, the storage capacity might be around 60% of its storage capacity after 10 years, or whenever the first conditions of the warranty are met. A solar battery’s lifespan can be increased with proper maintenance, such as making sure that it operates at specified temperatures, doesn’t discharge beyond its Depth of Discharge limit, and maintains a proper charge level when not in use.

Why would I want a solar battery in Perth?

A solar energy system produces more electricity in the middle of the day. When the panel generates more electricity than your usage, this excess electricity can be stored in solar power batteries. You can use this stored electricity during power outages, peak usage periods, or after sundown.

How much do solar batteries in Perth cost?

Now the price of solar battery storage in Perth ranges from $800 per kWh to $2000 per kWh. The cost is largely dependent on how much energy you want to store, where you live, and any additional features you require, such as backup for when the power grid goes down.