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Fritts Solar is the top commercial solar installer in Perth providing a wide range of solar energy solutions.

Solar power and battery storage are great investments for growing businesses. It will not only be useful to meet additional electrical demands but also reduce your business’s carbon footprint. This may increase the goodwill of your business.

As a nationwide commercial solar company in Perth, Fritts Solar provides reliable services like commercial solar installations in Perth, WA. We have installed and provided maintenance services for commercial solar systems in Perth for many clients. Our unparalleled expertise and dedication help us deliver high-quality solar solutions to clients.

Some of the Industries Using Solar Energy

Most industries are switching to clean energy in order to reduce costs and environmental impact. Some of the major industries are listed below.

  • Agriculture
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Local Business
  • Enterprise

Benefits of Installing Commercial Solar Systems in Perth

Reasons why Clients Are Preferring Our Services
Save Money

Solar systems are a long-term investment that may supply power for decades. This means you won’t have to be concerned about rising electricity costs. The money saved by lowering electricity bills can be used for your business.


A commercial solar in Perth can help your company reduce its carbon footprint. Customers will have a positive impression of your company by knowing your commitment to keeping the business environment friendly through solar energy.

Continuous Financial Returns

Once you spend money on commercial solar installation in Perth, you can expect continuous financial returns in the form of electricity cost savings. Also, solar systems require less maintenance compared to other energy sources.

Tax Benefits

Commercial solar in Perth can provide tax benefits to businesses. These kinds of benefits provided by the Australian government encourage many business owners to utilize renewable energy sources. You can also switch to solar energy in order to have tax savings.

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Frequently AskedQuestions

What are the benefits of commercial solar systems in Perth to businesses?

Installing commercial solar panels in Perth can give many benefits for businesses. Some of those benefits are explained below.

Commercial solar company in Perth help to reduce operational costs

A recent study found that commercial property owners spend thousands of dollars per month on average. Installing rooftop solar can significantly lower the utility bill amount. You can use the savings to improve your business.

Commercial solar systems in Perth ensure financial stability

Even the most carefully planned company budget may get affected by the increasing electricity costs. Solar energy is quite different from other forms of energy. First of all, sunlight is free and the solar PV panels generate electricity without any cost fluctuations. Also, the cost of commercial solar panels and their installation has gone down.

Commercial solar in Perth help to reduce carbon footprint

Solar energy systems allow businesses to meet customer expectations of environmental responsibility. You can greatly reduce your carbon emissions by even having a small commercial solar system in Perth. You can promote your green efforts to make a good impression on customers through official literature and social media profiles.

Save money during tax time

Commercial solar company in Perth let you have many tax benefits. You can invest the tax savings from commercial solar systems into your business. This will help to further enhance your ROI.

Commercial solar in Perth add value to your business

If you ever decide to sell your business or building, commercial solar systems make an excellent selling point for buyers. They will appreciate the fact that all the tasks related to installing a solar system are already taken care of and that they can immediately earn savings from electricity bills.

Low-maintenance and long-lasting energy production

If you choose our expert commercial solar company in Perth to install the system, you can also receive solar system maintenance services. Solar panels require less maintenance in general. The solar panels have a long life span and low maintenance requirements which makes the solar systems very reliable and an excellent choice for businesses.

How do I estimate my company’s potential savings by commercial solar in Perth?

The potential savings with solar depends on mainly two factors. The two factors are how much energy your business uses throughout the day and when that consumption is at its peak. These factors will help us to understand the potential for energy offset. Then we inspect your roof space and general facility infrastructure to estimate the number of panels your building can accommodate. The greater the number of panels the greater the potential savings. Other important factors to consider are panel efficiency, roof orientation, and local energy prices.

Which commercial solar panels in Perth should my company install?

You can choose from many different panels by evaluating the size, price, wattage, warranty, durability, and manufacturer’s reliability. If roof space isn’t a problem, you may find that a larger number of lower-wattage panels makes the perfect balance between price and return. However, if your building has limited roof space, a higher wattage panel will produce more energy from a smaller footprint. As a reputed commercial solar company in Perth, we will be able to help you find the best fit.