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Fronius Wattpilot EV Charger

Highly Efficient Fronius Wattpilot in Perth

Fronius Wattpilot is a smart charging solution for electric vehicles that optimizes the use of solar energy and minimizes grid costs. It allows users to choose between different charging modes, such as Eco, Eco+, or Dynamic, depending on their preferences and needs. This feature ensures efficient and reliable charging at all times.

Fronius Wattpilot can also integrate with Fronius Solar.web, a web-based platform that monitors and controls the solar system and the charging process. Fronius Wattpilot is compatible with all common electric vehicles and charging cables, and can be installed indoors or outdoors. With Fronius Wattpilot, users can enjoy the benefits of clean, green, and affordable mobility.

Features of Fronius Wattpilot in Perth

The important features offered by Fronius Wattpilot EV chargers in Perth, WA:
fronius wattpilot in perth

Dynamic Power Adjustment

The Fronius Wattpilot in Perth can automatically adjust the charging power according to the available solar energy and grid conditions. This means that you can charge your EV faster when there is more solar power or cheaper grid electricity, and slower when there is less or more expensive power. This way, you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint by using more renewable energy.

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