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Qcells Battery Storage
Qcells Battery Storage in Perth at An Affordable Cost

Qcells is a leading global manufacturer of solar cells and modules, with a strong reputation for quality and innovation. Qcells also offers battery storage solutions that can optimize the use of solar energy and provide backup power in case of grid outages.

Qcells battery storage in Perth is designed to be compatible with various types of inverters and solar panels and can be customized to meet different customer needs. Qcells battery storage systems are safe, reliable, and easy to install and maintain. They can help customers reduce their electricity bills, increase their energy independence, and contribute to a greener future.

Features of Qcells Battery Storage in Perth

Top features of Qcells battery storage in Perth that makes it stand out:
qcells battery storage in perth

High Performance and Efficiency

Qcells battery storage in Perth uses lithium-ion technology, which offers high performance and efficiency. Qcells battery storage can store up to 12 kWh of energy, enough to power an average household for a day. Qcells battery storage also has a high round-trip efficiency of over 90%, which means that it can deliver more energy than it consumes during charging and discharging.

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