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REC Solar is a leading provider of solar energy solutions for commercial and industrial customers. REC solar panels are designed to deliver superior performance, reliability, and aesthetics while reducing the environmental impact and operating costs of electricity generation. REC solar panels in Perth are made from advanced materials and technologies, such as half-cut cells, multi-busbar connections, and heterojunction technology.

These features enable REC solar panels to achieve higher power output, lower degradation rates, and better shade tolerance than conventional solar panels. REC solar panels are also certified to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as snow, wind, hail, and salt mist. REC solar panels come with a 25-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty, ensuring long-term customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Features of REC Solar Panels in Perth

Top features of REC Solar Panels in Perth, WA that make it worth buying:
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High Efficiency

REC solar panels have an average efficiency of 21%, which means they can convert more sunlight into electricity than lower-efficiency panels. This means you can get more power from a smaller space, saving you money and reducing your environmental impact.

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We offer high-end REC solar panels in Perth.
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Frequently AskedQuestions

Is REC a good solar panel?

REC is highly regarded as a top solar panel manufacturer, known for its innovative approach to solar technology. Their latest panels feature a twin design that excels in producing power, even in shaded environments. REC’s product lines are renowned for their longevity, retaining a significant portion of their power output throughout their lifespan. This makes REC a solid choice for those seeking reliable and efficient solar panels.

Who makes REC solar panels?

REC solar panels are manufactured by REC Group, a subsidiary of Bluestar Elkem. REC Group is headquartered in Norway and has operational headquarters in Singapore. With over 2,000 employees globally, REC Group produces an impressive 1.4 GW of solar panels each year. Notably, REC Group went public with its first IPO in 2006, reaching a peak stock price of NOK 262 by November 2007.

How long do REC panels last?

REC panels offer substantial durability, ensuring quality performance. They provide coverage for panel defects and offer a product warranty extension through the REC ProTrust Warranty. These panels maintain expected performance for many substantial years, benefiting from Fritts Solar’s maintenance services, which keep them running smoothly and efficiently, contributing to their extended lifespan.

How much do REC solar panels cost in Perth?

The cost of REC solar panels can vary significantly and is influenced by several factors, including the specific model, system capacity, installation location, and potential incentives or rebates available. Typically, solar panels are priced per watt, so the total cost depends on the required wattage for your unique installation.

To get an accurate solar quote, we encourage our customers to reach out to us at Fritts Solar. Our team of experts specializes in solar solutions and can tailor a REC solar panel package to meet your unique requirements. Keep in mind that market prices can differ by region and project specifications, so having a conversation with us allows us to assess your specific situation and provide you with a personalized price quote for REC solar panels.