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Fritts Solar is a well-known residential solar company in Perth offering commercial and residential solar installation solutions. As the cost of electricity keeps increasing, solar energy becomes a necessary solution for many. This caused a rapid increase in the use of solar energy for home use in the past decade.

Residential solar systems in Perth help homeowners use solar energy for various applications in the house. The system will generate alternating current (AC) that is suitable for your home appliances. It can power lighting systems, gadgets, and appliances such as TVs, music systems, computers, mixers, fridges, and many more.

We can deliver the best residential solar panels in Perth at affordable costs. This will reduce the overall cost of the solar power system.

Is Installing A Residential Solar System in Perth Suitable for Your House?

There are a few factors that determine whether or not home solar systems in Perth are the right decision.

The roof of your house – The placement of the solar panels on your roof is important for efficient energy production. Generally, solar panels are placed to face North in order to get more sunlight and thus generate more energy. Solar panels that face East and West can produce up to 80% of their power rating.

Shade around your house – The places where maximum direct sunlight is getting are suitable for residential solar installation, so you should make sure there are no trees or buildings blocking the sunlight.

Benefits of Installing Residential Solar Systems in Perth

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Cost Savings

The most important reason residential solar systems in Perth are so popular is because they help homeowners to save money on their electricity bills. The power generated by your home solar systems will reduce your reliance on grid power, resulting in lower electricity bills.

Secure Investment

Residential solar systems are a secure investment. It will give you a good ROI in the form of electricity cost savings. Also, the value of your house will increase if it has solar power systems installed. This is because solar panels have many advantages, including financial benefits.

Reduce Carbon Footprints

One of the main benefits of residential solar in Perth is that they will help to reduce your carbon footprint. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is clean energy because it has no carbon emissions. Many people are switching to solar energy due to its environment-friendly nature.

Support from Government

Homeowners who install solar panels may be eligible for financial incentives from the Australian government in the form of energy buyback schemes. You can also get a massive reduction in upfront cost by buying an STC certificate. You can hire our residential solar company in Perth to enjoy such benefits.

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Frequently AskedQuestions

What is the best residential solar system in Perth for Australian homes?

The most commonly used grid-tied home solar systems are 5kW-7kW systems. These systems have enough capacity to power a home. You can choose the right system based on the household’s annual electricity requirement, whether battery storage is going to be added, and the size restrictions in that particular location.

How many solar panels are needed to power a home solar system in Perth?

The number of solar panels you’ll need to power your home depends on your home’s energy consumption and the location and orientation of your roof. For example, a 6.6kW system may need 24 panels. Our residential solar company in Perth can give a more accurate assessment of how many panels will need for your requirement by analyzing your energy usage.

Does installing a residential solar system in Perth increase the value of a home?

One of the most popular energy sources is solar power. Solar power is clean and abundant almost everywhere on the planet. Solar panels can generate electricity by harnessing solar power and can cover the energy requirements of a home. Installing home systems in Perth can increase the property value because of the countless benefits offered by solar panels, including the high return on investment and environmental benefits, making it an excellent selling point.

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What are the benefits of hiring your residential solar company in Perth?

There are many benefits to installing a solar system in your home with the help of a residential solar company in Perth. Some of those benefits are:

Residential solar installation in Perth let you save money on utility bills

The most important thing that attracts more people to solar energy is the potential to save money on your electricity bill. By generating the power needed for your home by yourself, you will be using less power from the grid which can lead to massive savings for homeowners.

A good quality solar panel can generate electricity for up to 25 years, which is enough for you to gain back the initial investment. You’ll save more than you think by considering the increasing utility costs over the next couple of decades.

Home solar systems in Perth are environment-friendly

Fossil fuels are the main cause of carbon emissions, which contribute to global warming. Since solar energy has no carbon emission, choosing to run your house on renewable energies like solar power reduces your carbon footprint and helps to protect our environment. Solar energy is sustainable and therefore a perfect energy solution for the future.

Residential solar in Perth, WA are reliable

The main benefit of solar panels is that they are extremely reliable. They only require sunlight to function, which is a readily available resource. It can power homes situated even in remote locations and can be more productive in certain seasons. The failure rate of residential solar panels remains very low, making them the most reliable energy source.

How much does it cost for residential solar installation in Perth?

The cost of residential solar installation in Perth can vary based on several factors. Primarily, the size of the system you require will significantly influence the cost. Additionally, factors such as the specific components you choose, the condition of your rooftop, and any other complexities related to the project can impact the overall cost.

However, at Fritts Solar, we prioritize affordability and strive to provide our customers with cost-effective solar packages. To get a more accurate cost estimate tailored to your specific needs and circumstances, we recommend reaching out to our team for a personalized quote. We are committed to helping you transition to solar energy in a budget-friendly manner.