Fritts Solar Has Been Awarded the Top-Rated Solar Retailer For 2023

SunWiz discovered Fritts Solar is in the top 20 companies for a most popular rating after a thorough examination of solar ratings given by the customers.

Now, Fritts Solar has been awarded the top-rated solar installer for 2023 by SunWiz.

SunWiz conducted research on reviews of every Australian solar company after learning that consumers can be misled if they ignore the context of reviews of solar installers.

According to their analysis, 50% of solar companies have a Google review rating of five stars. 

It is impossible to separate the good from the great because of this. Finding a top solar company shouldn’t be difficult as trying to find a needle in a haystack.

The following data was even more alarming and may have contributed to clients making poor decisions: 4.2 star Google review rating places you in the bottom 17% of all solar installers.

A 4.2-star rating on Google Reviews may be acceptable for a restaurant, but it places your business among the worst solar companies in Australia.

SunWiz developed the Best Rated Solar Retailer awards with the purpose of assisting customers in making wise selections by highlighting the best of the best.

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SunWiz gathers data from more than three popular review sites and removes bias by only including retailers with excellent results across multiple platforms. The team then calculated a weighted average based on this data.

To make it easier for customers to properly find the most famous companies, they eliminated stores with fewer than 100 reviews.

As the company gets bigger, it becomes incredibly challenging to keep a perfect 5-star rating. As a result, they only feature retailers with over 100 reviews and a 4.8 star rating. These companies are now among the top 100 solar companies in the nation.

Being named one of the best solar retailers by consumers is a noteworthy achievement that demonstrates the retailer’s dedication to providing top-notch customer service and high-quality products.

Receiving excellent reviews from customers is no easy task because it needs consistent focus on meeting and exceeding client expectations. Customers are more likely to give a solar retailer a high rating if they have had prompt installation, reliable and efficient service, and affordable prices.

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