Solar System Maintenance

Fritts Solar is an expert solar installer in Perth, providing comprehensive solutions. Not only installation but also the maintenance of the system is important because proper servicing of the system will ensure maximum efficiency. Thus our services include the best solar panel maintenance in Perth.

We reduce your energy costs significantly by the use of solar energy. The use of renewable energy is an environment-friendly solution to power your house, business, etc. The high return on investment attracts more people to use this.

To maintain the profit of using this energy, the solar panels and have to inspected and maintained occasionally. Because the panels can have any physical damage in the long run or things like snow, dirt, leaves, etc can block the panel from getting enough sunlight.So our company with years of experience in this field can help you with the maintenance.

Our Approach

Our qualified installers and service technicians will carry out the maintenance processes. The major steps in maintenance include:

  • Conducting a visual inspection of the panels and other sections
  • Verifying the system operates correctly
  • Correcting all the errors or physical damages
  • Monitoring the result and check if its effective or not

Why Choose Us

We are giving you the top solar power systems. If you are looking for a competitively priced service for solar panel maintenance in Perth, we can help you. Our team is trying hard to give the customers the best result for their money.


We are providing the best quality products and services to ensure customer satisfaction. Since we are using tier-1 solar panels, there won’t be any compromise in efficiency and durability.

Customer Service

Fritts Solar has a great track record of giving excellent customer service. We care about our customers even after the sales. We believe satisfied customers are the stepping stone to the success of a firm.

Competitive Price

Our services are delivered at a very competitive price point. In each project, we do an on-site analysis and create a plan which is suitable for your budget.

Why You Have to Maintain Solar Panels?

Solar panels are commonly made of tempered glass. So it can withstand rough weather and storm. But there are other things which can affect electricity production.In some cases, solar panels can suffer physical damage. If that damage didn’t repair soon it can affect the power output. In such cases, you need an experienced team of workers like ours to inspect the damage and rectify them.

If the panels are covered in dust, leaves, snow, dirt, etc. the electricity production will be reduced. To overcome this issue, you need to frequently maintain the panels. For this, we can help you as a leading solar panel maintenance company in Perth. Our workers have years of experience in the field. They are certified to manage the panels.

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