Solar Panels in Perth: How to Find the Best Deals?

Getting the best solar panels in Perth will give you a high return on investment. You should choose reliable panels at a reasonable cost for your home or business. This article is compiled some of the critical things you need to know to get the best solar panel deals.

Top 5 Things to Know to Get the Best Solar Panels in Perth

Here are some of the important things you should know to get top solar panels in Perth.

1. Check Average Solar Panels Costs in Perth

It is important to know the average cost of solar panels in Perth. Knowing the price of solar panels is important to find the best solar panel deals. You must make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. Since solar panels are an important part of the solar power system, if you could get the panels at an affordable price, you can reduce the overall cost of the system.

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2. Only Consider Reliable Solar Panel Brands

Consider buying panels from only the best and reliable brands. Because you are investing in a product that must last for decades. Contact a top solar company in Perth to know about the best solar brands and their pricing.

Some of the popular brands offering the best solar panels in Perth are Sun Power, LG, REC, Hyundai, Q Cells, Solarwatt, Aleo, Jinko Solar, Longi, Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, JA Solar, Suntech, Astronergy, etc. You can compare the pricing and other details to choose the suitable one.

3. Read Reviews of The Solar Panels

You shouldn’t make the purchase decision just by reading the marketing material and knowing the product specifications. You should hear what the end-users are telling about the product. Read the solar panel reviews to understand the quality of the product, after-sales customer support of the brand, etc.

4. Check Warranty of The Solar Panels in Perth

As part of the research to find the quality and reliability of the solar panels, it is essential to check the warranty of the panels. Because even the highest quality solar system components or products get degraded over time.

The Clean Energy Regulator has implemented solar panel validation (SPV) initiative which helps customers to check whether the panels are backed by manufacturer warranties, meet Australian standards for quality and performance, and are eligible for STCs.

Most solar panel manufacturers provide panels with different warranty periods. When you’re talking to a solar installer in Perth, make sure they are providing solar system maintenance services and warranties. If you consider the huge electricity costs in the future, the savings from solar energy make it worth investing in panels with long warranties.

5. Calculate Your Projected Savings

Calculate the savings you can get after you install the panels. It depends on the power generated by the panels. To get maximum savings from the solar system, you should install solar panels in Perth having high efficiency.

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To get the best solar panel deals, you must know the average cost of solar panels in Perth. You can compare the price with the solar PV panels from different companies. Also, check the warranty of the product and reviews from customers to know more. Ultimately, you should get the panels from a reliable solar company in Perth to get the best deals.

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