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Premium Solar Inverters in Perth with High Efficiency

Looking for the best solar inverters in Perth? Fritts Solar can provide you with top-of-the-line inverters that ensure maximum energy efficiency and reliability for your solar power system.

The solar inverter, or solar power inverter, is the key component of a solar power system. The electricity generated by a solar power system is used for commercial and residential applications. Therefore, the electricity generated by the system should be able to power home appliances. But the power generated using the solar system is direct current (DC) and home appliances like TVs, refrigerators, sound and light systems, or other electrical equipment require alternating current (AC). An inverter allows you to convert DC into AC and use it for running home appliances.

Fritts Solar delivers the best solar inverters in Perth from top brands including Fronius, SMA, Solar Edge, Huawei, and more. Fronius inverters in Perth have a good reputation for their quality and performance.

Features of Solar Inverters in Perth

The main features offered by our top solar inverters in Perth, WA.
solar inverter in perth

Maximum Power Point Tracking

The current may decrease if the panel voltage rises too high. Power is equal to voltage times current, thus a low voltage will result in lower overall power. Therefore, there is an optimal voltage point to reach maximum power, and a solar inverter has a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT), or a tracker for short, which is responsible for finding the maximum power point. Better inverters do this faster and more precisely, leading to higher yields. This procedure will be influenced by any variations among the panels, such as shading, stronger or weaker performance, different orientations, pitch or panel type.

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Frequently AskedQuestions

What is the function of a solar inverter in Perth?

One of the most crucial parts of a home solar power system is the inverter. The electricity produced by the solar system will be DC power. A solar inverter converts DC electricity to AC which can be used to power your home appliances.

Is the solar system inverter in Perth available in different sizes?

Solar inverters are available in various sizes. The electricity produced by the solar panels needs to be efficiently managed by the solar inverter. So, the size of the solar panels that are installed determines the size of the solar inverter that has to be placed.

How much do solar inverters cost in Perth?

Solar system inverters in Perth may cost anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000, depending on their size, quality, and extra features. Also, an inverter installation typically costs between $200 and $300.

Which brand of solar system inverter in Perth is the best?

Some of the best brands that provide top solar inverters in Perth are Fronius, SMA, Solar Edge, Huawei, Sungrow, etc. Fritts Solar always delivers solar inverters from trusted brands to ensure quality.

What are the different types of solar inverters in Perth?

Fritts Solar provides different types of solar inverters in Perth, WA. Each of them functions differently and has a variety of uses. Some of the inverters are:

  • String inverters
  • Microinverters
  • Power optimizers