How to Claim Money Off for Your Solar with STCs?

Some properties are eligible to claim small-scale technology certificates (STCs) under a scheme called the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, and this includes solar energy installations.

Small-scale technology certificates are given “up front” for the systems’ expected power generation over a period of 15 years, or, from 2017, from the year of installation until 2030, when the scheme comes to an end.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, wind turbines, hydro systems, solar water heaters, and air source heat pumps are examples of small-scale renewable energy sources that may be eligible for certificates.

In a manner similar to how VEEC certifications are issued for energy efficiency solutions in Victoria, registration of the certificates can be requested when installation is complete. The certificates are then traded for value, and this value can be utilized to offset the cost of installation.

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Are STCs ending soon?

Actually, no. The scheme is in effect until 2032, and there is currently no sign that it will be discontinued.

The amount of electricity that your solar energy system installation supplies or replaces determines the value of the system (in terms of STCs). And the more “rebate” you receive for the installation, the higher the STCs’ value should be.

The purpose of this program is to provide homes and small businesses with a financial incentive to convert their buildings to include solar energy systems. By doing so, Australia may better meet its carbon emission reduction and Paris Climate Agreement targets.

There is a tonne of government-based information available on STCs, including information on which installations qualify, how to create STCs and a small-scale unit calculator to estimate how many STCs you would obtain.

The information about various zones in Australia that influence the value of STCs is given below.

  • Zone 1: incentive = $3885
  • Zone 2: incentive = $3663
  • Zone 3: incentive = $3293
  • Zone 4: incentive = $2849

How can solar companies help with STCs?

Solar companies that are accredited under the STC program can trade STCs on the customer’s behalf. This enables the companies to pass on the savings to you directly, without the need for a broker, thereby increasing the value of the STCs for you.

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