Commercial Solar

Fritts Solar is the top commercial solar installer in Perth, offering a wide variety of solar energy solutions.

Many growing businesses investing in solar power and storage which will be useful to meet the additional electrical demands. It will also reduce the environmental footprint of your business. This may increase the goodwill of your firm.

Fritts Solar is a nationwide leading solar company providing reliable services like commercial solar installation in Perth. We are provided installation and maintenance services of the commercial solar system in Perth to many clients. Our unmatched expertise and dedication let us deliver the best quality service to the customers.

Some of the Industries Using Solar Energy

Since this clean energy is the most desirable way to reduce costs and reduce environmental footprint, most of the industries are switching to it. Some of the major industries are listed below.

  • Agriculture
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Local Business
  • Enterprise

What We Do

  • Understand the situation by on-site inspection
  • Create a plan according to the client’s budget
  • Using top quality commercial solar panels in Perth, WA to ensure durability
  • Providing the best after-sales service
  • Delivering various services related to solar power systems
  • Providing the expertise of CEC certified installers

Basic Components of Commercial Solar Systems

A commercial solar system in Perth needs some complex components to work properly. But the basic system is easily understandable and some of the basic components are:

Solar Photovoltaic Panels

This component is what receives the sunlight. So it should be placed outside your facility where maximum sunlight can be received. The photovoltaic cells will convert solar energy into DC (direct current) power. The number of commercial solar panels can be decided by the nature of the industry or daily electricity usage.

Commercial Solar Inverter

Most of the equipment or types of machinery will run on AC (Alternating Current), but the solar panel generates DC and also the solar battery provides DC. So the inverter’s role is to convert DC into AC.

Solar Battery

The battery saves electricity and serves whenever additional power is needed. Additional power generated on the day time can be stored in the battery and use it at night.

Is Solar Energy Beneficial for Your Business?

Depending on the number of buildings and the size of each facility, the commercial power cost can be very high. This is where solar power can help you. The installation and maintenance cost of it is very less compared to paying for electricity every month. So such a commercial solar system in Perth can let you save money which can be reinvested in your business to make more profit.

Solar power also gives your company a reputation as an eco-friendly enterprise. Public awareness of renewable energy is increasing fast. So if you choose to use solar energy, then your company will have a good image among eco-conscious customers. This will attract more customers to your business which lets you earn more and expand your firm.

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