Solar Storage

A typical solar power system includes solar panels, an inverter, mounting equipment, a performance monitoring system for monitoring electricity production, etc. The solar panels receive sunlight and produce electricity. The inverter converts it into a usable form for the appliances in your home. But if you have a battery, you can store electricity in it.

A solar system generates more electricity in the middle of a day compared to normal usage. The solar storage will get charged by the solar system when this extra power generated and this charge can be used after sundown, during a power outage, or at peak usage times.

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The life of solar storage depends on an important factor, that is the brand. We are selling the solar storages only from the trusted manufacturers which lets us ensure the product work for years with no complaint. The products require only occasional maintenance and they will run with maximum efficiency. You can get various warranty options depending on the products you choose.

Selecting Your Batteries for Off-Grid

Being independent of the electrical grid is a great idea for houses because it is an affordable energy solution. It lets you avoid electricity bills, power outages, etc. Solar battery storage or battery bank is an essential part of an off-grid system. A lithium battery for a solar system is the more ideal choice for many. It requires a high initial cost. But it is worth considering the savings in the long run. The selection process can include longer life span, cost, and capacity of the storage system.

Product Safety & Maintenance

The maintenance can improve the life span of the solar battery storage system. You can get the service of a qualified battery installer for getting more life. The battery storage will have instruction manuals and maintenance schedules for installers. You must follow these instructions to maintain safety standards and ensure the durability of the product.

How Much Does It Cost to Set Up Solar Storage?

Solar storages can improve the value of the solar system by protecting against power outages. Now you will get multiple choices of solar storage in Perth and the prices can be varied depending on your choice. One ofthe major factors that can affect the price is the capacity of the storage. More money requires to have more storage.

The type of battery can also affect the price. AC batteries are expensive than DC batteries. The additional equipment, mounts, and switches are can affect the cost. Another important cost is the labor cost. Purchasing good products is not the only thing you need to do to get efficient storage. You have to install them properly. To this, an experienced solar installer in Perth is required.

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