Residential Solar

Fritts Solar, a leading solar installer in Perth, is a company providing comprehensive solutions for solar installation for commercial and residential applications. The past decade boosted the use of solar energy rapidly for home use. The cost of electricity is kept increasing day-by-day. This is where solar energy becomes a necessary solution for many.

A residential solar system in Perth can meet many power requirements in a home. This system can generate an alternating current that is suitable for your home appliances. It is capable of providing power to lighting systems, gadgets, and appliances such as television, music systems, computers, mixers, refrigerators, and so on.

Our solar company can deliver the best residential solar panels in Perth at affordable prices which will reduce the overall cost of the system.

Installing A Residential Solar System Is Suitable for Your House or Not?

Installing solar systems on house rooftops depends on a few factors.

The roof of your house – The placement of the solar panels is important for efficient energy production. Commonly solar panels are placed to face north direction to get more sunlight and thus generate more energy. Panels facing East and West also can produce 80% of their power rating.

Shade around your house – The areas getting maximum direct sunlight is suitable for solar installation. So you have to make sure no buildings or trees blocking the sunlight.

Our Specialties

  • Providing the best customer service before and after the sales
  • Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installers
  • Study the situation through on-site inspection
  • Recommend a suitable solution for your budget
  • Deliver complete solar solutions for clients
  • Using top quality solar panels with 25 years warranty

The Basic Components of Residential Solar Systems

A residential solar system in Perth requires some basic components to produce electricity. These systems can convert the energy into alternating current and use it to power home appliances. The excess electricity can be stored for further usage. To do all this some basic components are needed. They are mentioned below.

Solar Panels

Residential solar panels are the most noticeable part of the residential solar electric system. This component is installed outside the house, commonly on the roof. This photovoltaic panel will convert solar energy into DC electricity. The number of panels depends upon the daily electricity consumption of the house.

Solar Inverter

Another important component is the solar inverter. The solar panels and batteries produce DC (direct current) power. But most home appliances use AC (alternating current). An inverter can convert the DC electricity into AC which is ideal for home use.

Solar System Battery

The battery is not compulsory for the residential solar system. These are generally used commercial solar systems. The batteries can store the electricity and use it when needed.

Why Should You Choose Solar Energy?

Most of the earth’s energy sources are depleting over the past years due to our excessive use. We have to use renewable energy sources like residential solar power in Perth to avoid this.

Environmental hazards are not the only reason to go for solar energy. From the money perspective also solar is the best choice. The cost of a residential solar system in Perth for residences may vary for each house. Because it depends on the electricity usage per day of that particular house.

You have to spend money only at the time of installation. The money is worth it when compared with spending money every month on electricity bills. Many homes are switching to residential solar in Perth

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