Off-grid Solar

We at Fritts Solar aims to provide an environment-friendly solution to get electricity through the use of solar power. In the near future, the whole world is going to use renewable energy sources as their primary option. We are longing for a world with smarter and efficient energy management.

Our company is the top off-grid solar company in Perth. An off-grid system has no ties with the commercial electric power distribution system. Such systems are also referred to as stand-alone power systems. But at the same time, it should generate the electricity required to power your home or business.

Off-grid solar systems operate using battery storage. The electricity generated by the solar panels will be stored in this battery. The battery capacity depends on your daily electricity requirement. An expert off-grid solar solutions provider in Perth, like us, can easily assess your requirement and set up the system accordingly.

What’s in an Off-Grid Solar System?

We assemble, wire, and test the parts that needed in an off-grid system. Our expert workers can create flexible systems that can be expanded in the future if your house or business needs more energy in the future. Here are some of the basic components of the off-grid system.

  • Solar panels
  • Battery storage
  • Power center
  • Racking system

Why We Are the Best

Fritts Solar is a trusted solar installer in Perth. We are offering both grid-connected and off-grid solar systems. Customer-friendly service, the use of high-quality materials, and cutting-edge technology make us the best.

Innovative Solutions

With our expert and hardworking employees, we were able to create a solar power system for both the commercial and residential sectors. As a leading solar system provider, Fritts Solar will come up with innovative solutions for your power requirement.

Project Handling

The planning, organizing, and execution are done by certified professionals. So we ensure each project is delivered on time. The whole work is monitored constantly from the design to the final stage.

Great Quality

We build our reputation on top of the words of our satisfied customers. So in each project, we make sure there is no compromise in the quality of the products we use. The panels, battery, and all other parts of the system are meant to withstand longer periods.

Benefits of Off-Grid Solar Solutions

Off-grid solar systems are very reliable. They can provide electricity at both day and night without connecting with the utility grid. You won’t experience any power outage like the commercial electric power distribution system. If you produce more energy than your usage, you can save it in the battery.

The off-grid solar system in Perth is independent of the external energy supply and electricity costs. So you won’t be affected by any hikes in electricity prices. If you want, you can also expand the system’s production capacity and storage capacity in the future depending on the future expansion plans of your home or business. The whole process is comparatively simpler than the normal power grid.

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