Battery Storage

Fritts Solar is a company formed for the goal of providing affordable renewable energy solutions to customers. Our operations are done using modern technologies. This allows us to deliver cost-effective solar installation services in Perth. Our mission is to make reliable and eco-friendly energy for houses and businesses.

As a recognized solar company in Perth, we are delivering all kinds of services related to this renewable energy, such as solar system installation, maintenance, etc. One of the important parts of the solar system is battery storage. It stores electricity and delivers when additional power is needed or a power outage occurs.

Battery storage can have a wide range of applications. It can not only act as an emergency backup but also as a power source for off-grid homes. The off-grid homes are independent of the general power grid. So the only power source they have is battery storage. This means it is important to hire a leading company like ours to do your project.

We deliver the best commercial and home battery storage in Perth, WA from top brands like Tesla, LG, BYD, Huawei Luna battery, etc. Our solar battery in Perth is used by many homes and businesses across Western Australia. The team can install solar power systems of different sizes such as 3kW, 6kW systems combined with suitable battery storage.

What to Expect from Us?

  • We do a solar feasibility study of your property
  • We design a solar system suitable for your budget
  • Provide the batteries for the best solar battery price in Perth
  • Build the system by certified workers
  • Use top quality panels and battery storage
  • Give on-going customer support
  • Maintenance services to ensure maximum efficiency

Reasons to Choose Us

Battery storage systems are rechargeable battery systems that store charge from the solar panels. A home or business can utilize this charge afterward. The basic steps of battery storage are given below.

Superior Products

Solar is a long-term investment. So the products used to build a system should last longer. In every project, we use the best quality battery systems at an affordable solar battery cost in Perth, WA. So we can assure them it will work properly for years.

Quality Work

From the industry experience of many years, we always make sure the quality of our service is top-notch. Our installation team is having well-trained and certified installers who can easily manage the installation of a solar battery in Perth.

On-Going Support

By choosing the top solar battery storage installer in Perth you can ensure you will get on-going support from us. Our responsive customer service team will respond to your queries through phone or emails.

Why You Need Solar Battery Storage?

Along with the use of solar panels, people start to realize energy storage can be useful to make the system more effective. The solar battery system stores charge during daytime and using it when there is no sunlight. It also allows you to entirely disconnect from the grid which is called off-grid systems.

If you are living in a place where the normal power grid is occasionally unstable, then you need a reliable energy solution. The solar batteries in Perth can run your home appliances for hours, even if the grid goes down. Unlike generators, solar panels, or battery storage have no noise pollution. So it will be a wise decision if you choose Fritts Solar for installing solar battery storage in Perth.

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